Helping you to profit from your market place

Ruskin Brown Associates believe that:-

“Marketing is a dialogue over time with a specific group of customers whose needs the marketer gets to know in depth so as to provide an offering to them with a sustainable Competitive Differential Advantage over that of their competition” (After Prof. Malcolm MacDonald – Cranfield)

In pursuit of this, and working closely with our clients, we help them to:-

  • Identify their Strengths and Weaknesses versus their Competition - and -
  • Identify the Key Factors for Success in their Markets - so they can -
  • Develop marketing orientated Strategies and Plans to achieve their business objectives - Profitably - and then -
  • Set up and run appropriate Promotional (PR, web, Advertising etc.) Programmes to generate leads and/or awareness:
  • Set-up and/or sharpen the Sales Team and their operations to gain more profitable business.

Cost effectively and on time

Horse Racing

We helped a series of Race Courses become Customer Orientated, installed a Market planning System and helped them write their first Marketing Plan.

Lawyers Practices

Designed a Marketing and Sales Strategy to launch a series of Informative Videos helping Clients in typical legal situations such as Buying or Selling a house, Writing a Will, getting a Bill Paid, Taking a Case to an Industrial Tribunal etc..

Public Transport

Advised on how best to overcome traveller’s dissatisfaction caused by technical faults in the new Platform Information System.

Major Chain of Photo Processing Labs

Helping a national Photo Processor to derive strategies to compete with the rise of Camcorders and Digital Cameras.

Regional Laundry

Designing and implementing a business development campaign consisting of Direct Mail and Telesales.

Regional Accountancy Firm

Create a Business Development Programme to consolidate the Practice in the face of severe competition from other local firms, and the National Auditors.

Major Paper Forms Printer & Converter

Successfully build a Cash Cow Brand in a declining Market. Building the Brand ‘Toplist’ complete with self funding strategies for Promotion, Marketing Strategy and Plans, and a Sales Operation.

Regional Brewery

Helping a Cornish brewery to market their products nationally.

National State Wine Monopoly

Successfully helped a developing country’s Wine Industry explore the European Market for their Cote d’Rhone style Red wines. Develop a Sales & Marketing Strategy and a series of Business Plans to enter these markets cost effectively.

Major Oil Company specialising in the Developing World

With our colleagues from the USA we are helping this Oil Major firm to establish profitable dealerships throughout the ‘rims’ of the Pacific and Indian oceans, including The People’s Republic of China and South East Asia.

Major European Security Company

The Client moved into the UK by acquisition and we are helping their senior management to set-up a mechanism whereby they can independently monitor customer satisfaction BEFORE problems arise.,/